The Collaborative Spirit

Barbara and Tom extend their efforts by supporting others working towards similar goals. They have been blessed to meet many parents, siblings and grandparents – some have lost their children, others are fighting to keep theirs alive. Together the world is a safer, friendlier and more hopeful place. These efforts are noted and linked from this site.

Tom Allen

Tom, Barbara’s husband, is a fire protection engineer with one son, Ben, who lives in Arlington, VA. As Jim’s step-father they forged a strong bond. Jim loved to cook on the grill and often schooled Tom on the fine art of this kind of cooking. They also shared a love of working with wood. Items that Jim made can be found around their home. Also active within The Compassionate Friends, Tom serves as treasurer of the Greater Baltimore chapter.

Barbara Allen

Barbara is a leadership coach, yoga teacher, writer and bereaved parent. Her diverse business background includes 27 years experience in the manufacturing, sales, marketing, engineering, education, and government sectors. Barbara’s career was derailed by nearly a decade of debilitating illness. This gave her the opportunity to refocus her energies toward reducing suffering in the world. This new direction motivated her to establish Forward Flowing Consultancy in 2002.