Addiction Education

Understanding Stigma, Shame and Addiction

Addiction is messy; it’s often ugly and scary. Are we disgusted, fearful, curious or sad? What causes us to react in the ways we do? Countless times I’ve seen the derisive looks of others aimed at my son as well as questioning looks sent my direction. To better establish a foundation from which to shatter the stigma of addiction, we need to understand a bit about shame, stigma and addiction. read on >

Isolation of Stigma

Stigma shows up everywhere – even in places where compassion is emphasized. Stigma pushes us into isolated corners where everything becomes worse. The mind can be a scary place to be…especially when we aren’t getting balanced input. read on >

In Their Own Words

As a collector of quotes, I am moved by a brief turn of phrase that moves me to a place of inquiry. So it is that I bring you these essays from those suffering with the disease of addiction. I thank them for their willingness to share their thoughts through this forum. May we all be more enlightened, softened and compassionate for their gifts of insight. read on >

Addiction Education