Barbara and Tom extend their efforts by supporting others working towards similar goals. They have been blessed to meet many parents, siblings and grandparents – some have lost their children, others are fighting to keep theirs alive. Together the world is a safer, friendlier and more hopeful place. These efforts are noted and linked from this site.

Members of The Collaborative Spirit have their own directive path as it relates to the disease of addiction. We are proud to call them friends as well colleagues. This disease is multifaceted; we partner for greater effectiveness for all. We are grateful for having such great partners and look forward to including others.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Die, Ria Coesel

Addiction and Art, Margaret Dowell

Oxy Kills Kids, Gail Graves

Addiction Connection Resources, Doe Ladd

The Addiction Monster and more, Sherry McGinnis

S.T.A.R.S. – ScholarshipTrust For Addiction Recovery Services

Parents whose children have died.

Parents who continue working to keep their children alive.